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Welcome to The Museum Gift Shop at the Historic de Witt Cottage

Located at 1113 Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach, VA, The Museum Gift Shop is home to dozens of custom creations, collector's items, and truly unique gifts. The Gift Shop resides inside the Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum at the historic de Witt Cottage, making for a triply enjoyable experience any time you step through one of our doors.

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One landmark, many stories

de Witt Cottage

Built in 1895 by Bernard Holland, the de Witt Cottage has played home to two strongly community-oriented familes, been the birthing place for four children, and now contains the Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum and Gift Shop. Thanks to some very savvy sisters, the Cottage must be maintained in perpetuity and used as a cultural and education center.

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Back Bay Wildfowl Guild

In 1974, a group of local carvers formed the Back Bay Wildfowl Guild hoping to showcase the wildfowl art, carvings, artifacts, and photographs of our area. In February 1991, the Guild won City Council approval to occupy the de Witt Cottage after renovation of the historic landmark was completed. The mission of the Guild is to Protect, Preserve, Promote, and Provide.

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Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum

In September 1995, the Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum opened. Many of the antique decoys used by the early market hunters are sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars and displayed in the museum exhibits. The Museum also hosts the largest exhibit of Virginia Beach memorabilia and old Virginia Beach video.

atlantic wildfowl heritage museum

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